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Robotics AI

Robotics and artificial intelligence are rapidly transitioning from research labs to the real world with unprecedented effects on society. The symposium aims at exploring how recent trends in AI may reinforce the historical links between Robotics and AI. Beyond the classical approaches in decision making and reasoning, the current success of AI in data science-oriented applications (with impressive progress in many domains related to ICT, e.g. image processing, natural language, medicine, etc.) have the potential to renew the way to design and program robots able to face the complexity of the physical world.  

Quoting recent Villani’s report on AI1: “Although robotics and AI go hand-in-hand in the collective imagination, the two fields are yet to truly converge. Many robotics applications are not within the purview of AI and vice-versa.  There is, however, a whole field of exploration ready and waiting, and in which Europe has everything necessary to play a leading role. […] Development may take place on a Franco-German axis complemented by a partnership with Italy, which has a great deal to offer”, the objective of the symposium is to strengthen the cooperation between France and Germany in Robotics AI.

The symposium is organized around talks by distinguished researchers and a panel aiming at defining a joint French-German strategy in research development.




The symposium is by invitation. It is free of charge.

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Jean-Paul Laumond, CNRS-LAAS, France

Tamim Asfour, KIT, Germany


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